True Life: I Am Turning 30 & I Am Moving Home.

I am still processing this week but I figured writing about it could help.

Fall 2017 I will be only one class and one internship away from being DONE with my masters. However, paying for it is the issue. I won’t have enough credits to qualify for financial aide so I will need to pay for it myself. I could ask my parents for help but I REFUSE. Would they do it?Yes. No questions asked. But I can’t do that to them and I will NOT. I’ve known for a few months this time would come where I needed help with tuition. I prayed. I prayed. I prayed.

I received a sign.

I received a notice from my complex of 4 years that rent is going up about $35 and they will no longer cover water. I know what you’re thinking, water can’t be that much but it’s principle here. My lease is up July 31, 2017. Moving home means I can save about $800+ and pay my tuition. This is hard but yesterday afternoon I began packing and cleaning up. I have to be out within six weeks. 

I spoke to a few friends about it and key advice from my bestii, Myra, really hit hard. “I think you moving home is great. We often put too much pressure on what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing or how it looks to others but sometimes you gotta recognize and take advantage of the support your family gives. Save the money and pay for school. It’ll all work out.” My parents are the greatest and always support me. My mom often jokes she will leave my daddy before I ever will. They celebrate 33 years of marriage on June 30th. My Daddy is my ace. He will give me the world but will check my ass, too. They will always have my back. It’s time I take them up on the offer. Their love and support didn’t end at 18 and will not end at 30. 

Who wants to move home the same month they turn 30?

I totally shed tears all weekend. Realistically this is the break I need. You see those blogs about people paying down debt quickly because they moved home. I am at peace with this decision now. My parents are happy to have me back home. I lived 4 miles away anyway and saw them several times a week for dinner (and to steal toilet paper and body wash). Sometimes you have to sacrifice for greater good. I want this degree by any means necessary.

I think this is part of my generations problem. We all pretend to be doing ok and are too worried about what the next person is thinking. Guess what? They aren’t paying your bills or in my case, my tuition. I am writing this because this is real life. This is MY life. I ain’t doing this for the gram. I’m not here for the pity. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and actually take the help. I asked God for help with my tuition and he raised my rent. Raising my rent would make me question if I should stay here and make me think about how this will all work out in my budget. Which led me to realize that I can make tuition payments in the amount of my rent. See how that worked out? Don’t ask for help, get signs and ignore them. 

I wonder if I can convince my mommy to pack my lunch again?

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,not a result of works, so that no one may boast. -Ephesians 2:8-9




4 comments on “What Does The Sign Say

  1. Serena King

    You are blessed to have parents that understand that parenting doesn’t end at 18 (in my case 16). This is a huge blessing and you are doing great! ā¤ļø


    • GlitterAndGrowth

      Thank you, Serena. It’s a hard decision but thanks! I will be knocking on your door for visits soon!


  2. Denise Burke

    Great post!


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