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My House Of Flowers Mini Review

A Mini Review On My House Of Flowers Products

Hello, loves. I was sent a very generous package from My House Of Flowers with some BOMB products to try out.

Background on this amazing family ran company:

Mrs. Glass is a mother of two, who has worked in the floral and gardening business for over 20+ years. With the help of her daughters , husband and extensive  knowledge of plants  she created, My House Of Flowers. My House Of Flowers started out as  a casual floral business  for weddings  and special  occasions. With the use of her family built greenhouse,  she was able to successfully harbor all the products required to run a business by herself alone. Years later Mrs. Glass began to experiment  with other plant based creations. What started out as weekly experimental creations blossomed into pounds of tested products. For two years with  no intention of commission, every batch was made , tested and given away as gifts. With the confidence  of her well tested family and extended support system,  Mrs. Glass has finally  decided to extend her garden and business of love to the world  of profit and gains.

First Up…

Paradise Face Mask

As I stated a month or so back my goal was to get my skin together because while makeup is fun in the summer time it gets HOT and I don’t like to melt. The paradise mask is a mix of Moroccan clay, Bentonite clay, charcoal, Tumeric, Brazilian Green Tea and Silicia. This mask is pretty cute because it comes dry and you mix it up. They send you a mixing jar, an application spoon and directions. I mixed mine with a dash of organic apple cider vinegar to maximize the results. Everything is better with ACV! 

I LOVE THIS MASK! I have been using it for over a month now and it’s by far my favorite mask. I used to use Amazon Healing Clay and ACV but it’s drying and as it drys you cannot move your face which is rather annoying. This mask drys but doesn’t super dry. I leave it on for about ten minutes and wash it off with water. Also with clay masks they are a pain to clean up after because they turn into clay so it takes time end energy to get it all off. Again, not an issue here with this masks. Simply rinse off with water and the clean up is just using a paper towel to clean the sink. I have definitely seen a difference in my skin with dark marks and acne. I don’t have a lot of issues with acne but once a month but even those pimples are staying away. It is also a detox mask that will bring out the dirt and oil in your skin to help detox. I will be ordering this mask as soon as my samples are out.

Tumeric Face Soap

My goal is to get this skin glowing without highlighter and this face soap is doing its part! The soap is made with tumeric, goats milk, organic honey, rose hip seed and orange bitter oil. Basically, a bunch of good stuff. I have been using this face cleanser twice a day for the past month and have noticed a difference in combination with the mask. It’s super moisturizing and gets off makeup as well. I typically have to double cleanse on days where I put on a full face. NOPE! Just lather the bar up and rub it in and gets all the makeup and dirt off. I do let it set on my face for about 30 seconds and then I use my Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing Brush to help exfoliate. Added Bonus: I have been using this bar for a month and it’s still A LOT left. I would suggest their soap lather bag for safe keeping when your not using it. Soaps can dry or run out quickly if you don’t properly store them.

Shea Butter, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey w/Luffa Scrub

I am all for exfoliating my skin. It helps with keeping your skin soft by removing the dead skin and smoothing you out. This little gem is a soap with shea butter, oatmeal and milk with honey bar with a luffa in the middle. GENIUS IDEA. I use it in the bath to scrub/cleanse my skin and my feet. I refuse to be that girl with the fresh pedicure and dry skin on her feet. YUCK! This product gets the job done and helps keep you smooth and fresh. The luffa is an added bonus because it helps buff out the rough skin and with the shea butter soap it gives it the moisturizing pieces it needs- it’s all about balance. Again, I would recommend the soap lather bag for storage so it doesn’t run out quickly and not dry up on you. I have had this for a month and again, it hasn’t ran out! I don’t have a picture of it fresh out the box because I got too excited and used it. Don’t judge me, I love a good skin care product. Lemme alone, folks. 

Overall, these are BOMB products that I will gladly give 5 Sprinkles Of Glitter (5/5). Guess what? They have a special discount code for y’all! Use code: Glitter&Growth for 10% off. I have a few more of their products I am trying out still so keep your eyes open for those! You can go visit them HEREI also sprinkled Links through out the posts. Have you tried any all natural products that worked out great for you? 

Disclosure: Products were sent to Glitter & Growth for review at no cost to us for promotional purposes. 

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  –Isaiah 40:31




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