Happy August, Loves. I am sorry I have been ghost. I ended up super sick with a kidney infection that took me out the game in the middle of the month RIGHT AROUND MY BIRTHDAY. Sigh. But I am back. 

August. The Eighth month. Eight = New Beginnings. 

I began August 1st with a bang. I quit my job. I am stepping out on faith (and a savings account) and moving to Owings Mills, MD (Right outside Bawdamoor, MD). I can honestly say I wasn’t a fan of my job. The stress was effecting too many areas of my life. It was time. I had been secretly planning this for a few months now. When I gave up my apartment I had to give up my kitty, 5ive. Yes, his name is 5ive. I don’t have five cats because…that is just weird. My boyfriend, to my surprise, volunteered to take him in so I didn’t have to give him up. I took him down last weekend. Eight hours in a car with a pissed off kitty was ROUGH but he is adjusting to his new home. Eight hours in the car TO and FROM Maryland gives you A LOT of time to think. I decided it’s time. I decided to let go of this job and try again in a new city. 

I walked into my job on August 1st and gave them six weeks notice. My job is essential to the company and the good girl inside of me couldn’t leave them hanging. I offered up six weeks and a possible few weeks after to get a new person hired and get the ball rolling on training. I have been applying for jobs there but as of RIGHT NOW, I don’t have a job so why not work a little more and save some money? I felt a weight off my shoulders the minute I walked out my big bosses office and back into mine. While I am still working another month and some change I know I have an end date eventually HAHA. 

While scrolling social media I saw a post about EIGHT = New beginnings. It’s time to cut the shit and be happy. As scared as I am to leave my parents and brother I am ready for a new adventure. The count down is on…

I am working on a tour of Baltimore post that includes Thrifting and Baltimore sights. Stay tuned! 

β€œHe put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him” Psalm 40:3


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