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Download Alert: Poshmark App

Happy Sunday. I wanted to drop in and tell you about a pretty cool app I started using, again, POSHMARK. I used it many years ago and recently started scoring BIG TIME there again. 

I recently got this H&M skirt NWT (new with tags) for $20 AND this AMAZING J. Crew wool peacoat in brand new condition for the LLOOWWWW. 

Poshmark is a cool app where people can sell gently used clothes or items safely (think e-bay-ish). Poshmark does take a small percent if you are selling but it’s just price point of your purchase for buying.

A few tips I have learned:

  • Type in what you are looking for and search a few pages. Yes, sometimes the good stuff is on the first search but I find that sometimes the good stuff is lurking. Do some digging. 
  • Read the description and look at the pictures. Sometimes it’s damaged and GOOD people will be up front and say “signs of wear around the collar” or “small stain that a good dry clean will handle”. Keep in mind that Poshmark does have a policy on things that are not as they seem. For instance if the amazing top you bought is totally not as it said or has a HUGE hole. Let them know and they will handle it for you.
  • Bundle from your favorite sellers. If you buy multiple items you can ask for a bundle discount and cheaper shipping. Most offer 10% or more for more than 1 item. You can ask them about it, too if they don’t advertise the deal.
  • Make an offer. So the coat I scored was priced at $100 which is still a great deal BUT still out of my price point. I offered her a price, she counter offered. I accepted to meet in the middle. BINGO. I won a sold out J. Crew coat. East Coast winters <
  • Be skeptical of anything high end designer for under $501. Yes, $501. Poshmark has an authentication service for any designer item for over $500. Meaning that Chanel bag you scored will go to Poshmark and then to you after it passes their inspection. 
  • If you are trying to upload some of your own items, price matters. Keep in mind GOOGLE exists. For instance, saying you paid $80 for a watch but you will take $60…Google told me I can get that watch $40 brand new. YOU TRIED IT. Don’t overprice your items. Be realistic about your closet. Don’t be that person who is clearly trying to get over. Not saying don’t sell your stuff for $1 but be real.


Have any of you tried Poshmark? What are your experiences? Let me know. Don’t have Postmark? Want to download it? Sign up with Code GABRIELLEHIGH and save $5 on a purchase. 


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