Thrift Diaries: Pins & Things 


This time on Thrift Diaries we have Pins & Things. Don’t skip on the jewelry counter of the thrift store, dolls. Are you going to find a diamond ring there? No. Sorry. But you may find some cool accessories such as earrings or pins. I found this beauty at my local Savers Thrift here in Baltimore. Sidenote: I miss my Value World at home (Michigan) but I suppose this will do until the next time I can sneak away and head North. Check out the details on this pin I found for … $5! 

I stumbled into a thrift store yesterday and found this giraffe pin! She was only $2.99. 

Moral of the post? GO EXPLORE THE THRIFT STORE and don’t leave a department unturned. Next up on the Thrift Diaries… handbags! Stay tuned, y’all!


Thrift Diaries: Belts

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Lately, I have been obsessed with vintage belts! I love belts and how they can add life to any outfit. You can mix them or match them. They can add some color and add some flare.  Don’t forget to check out the accessories section of the thrift store. Here are a few beauties from my closet I snagged from the local thrift/vintage store.

I have found some amazing belts thrifting and vintage hunting. You can wear these beauties with high waisted jeans, skirts, dress slacks and colorful jeans. The options are endless!

Don’t skip out on fun belts. Next up on the Thrift Diaries is… brooches and jewelry! Stay tuned, folks!


Thrift Is Life

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Hello! I have missed you all so much!

A few updates: I am done working (Long story, just know I am DONE) and I am moving September 24th to Maryland! YAY! Scared and excited but READY. More on that later in the week. PROMISE. I am pushing my blog into overdrive since, ya know, ain’t much else poppin’ these days in my world.

I have been stressed out lately and I have found a good way to channel my energy without breaking the bank by THRIFTING. Yes, I am one of those people who hits the Sal Val and Value World regularly with the cart full of random items. Lately, I have had some good luck so I wanted to make a post about thrifting with tips, tricks and fun items I have found.

Where Do I Thrift?

I love the Salvation Army and Value World. Both have good deals and usually run specials. Sign up for their e-mails and take advantage of them. I went in one day and it was yellow tags 5 for $5 and another it was 25% off with student ID. Also, they send out good e-mail deals such as spend $25 and get 50% off. I also hit random thrift stores such as St. Vincent de Paul as well. There are also various boutique’s on IG such as @shopvintagebowtique that are good. I usually draw inspo from her page and try to find items in the stores or I buy from her. She is reasonably priced and will bundle shipping (Don’t ask me how I know…). Also, I visited a few Vintage stores in Baltimore such as Keeper’s Vintage. Now, shopping at a vintage store comes with a price tag. I paid a few dollars for some pieces but I supported a black owned business and got some cute stuff. For the most part I try to stick to my local thrift stores. 

How Do I Thrift?

I walk in with my hand sanitizer (cuz gross things are there, too), grab a cart and get to going. I usually just wander isle or section to section and grab whatever I see I like or eehhh KINDA like and throw it in the cart. If you think you like it grab it! Thrifting isn’t like regular shopping somebody could come and grab it and it’s GONE. Throw it in the cart and we can figure it out later. Check for quality, holes and stains. Thrifting is mostly final sale so I would hate to get home and discover a gross strain. YUCK. I usually look for crazy colors and patterns and whatever I like. I don’t have things in mind either when I walk in the door. I freestyle it. Sometimes I leave empty handed. Sometimes I spent $30. Don’t expect to walk in and find a vintage Gucci bag but you could. So once I have a haul of stuff I usually find a corner with a mirror and try stuff on and figure out if you want it for real. I can usually weed out half my cart or buy it all. Don’t forget to check out belts and accessories. I have found cute belts and brooches/pins. I don’t thrift shoes. I have no advice for that. Not knocking those who do but I don’t. I follow a few thrift and fashion icon’s on IG and look for inspo on their pages on how to make things work at times. I have grabbed stuff and figured out how to style it later. For $3.99, why pass it up? Now, it’s ugly stuff in the thrift stores, too. I have bought some and made it work. I have bought some and been like, “WYD, GABI?”. Balance. You figure it out.

What’s Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is like Fashion Nova, any IG boutique, H & M, Zara and Forever 21 type stores. The quality isn’t there and it’s cheap for a reason. I am not big on supporting them anymore or as much. I am over fast fashion. I have been slowly working it out my closet and replacing it with more thrifted and vintage looks. It’s a reason why that old school Pendleton (google it) blazer is still holding up 15/20 years later and looks amazing styled right. As I grow older I can’t shop at those fast fashion stores as much. Hell, I can’t fit them, too. And honestly, I just love the vintage style lately. I never shopped at Fashion Nova and y’all can have it.  I challenge you to repurpose what you already have or shop thrifted. The average US Citizen throws out 70 lbs of clothes annually. Keep in mind clothes don’t break down. It just sits there in land fills. I didn’t know that until one of my IG BFF (in my head) @TheWorkingBeauty posted stats on it. CRAZY, RIGHT?

Here are some cool pieces I have found

I have found some pretty cool stuff thrifting and I may start a section on my blog for thrifted items you guys can snag for the low. I may also start a thrifting look book to give y’all ideas. Do you thrift? Score anything good? Want me to thrift you something? LOL Let me know. 

And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.” –John 6:12


Rake It Up…

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Hello, loves. I am back from my tropical vacation (post on that coming later in the week) and I wanted to share with you two finds that will help er’body with organization and plotting for the rest of the year.

I was out at Marshall’s with my mommy yesterday and I spotted the stationary section and went to browse. Now, I can admit. I AM THAT GIRL. The one who buys tons of journals and cute notebooks and doesn’t use them. Hey, fight me. But I am trying to get better at using them. One thing I do use is my planner and it is almost time for a new one with 2017 wrapping up. 

I found this beauty for $7.99. It is super cute and… PINK! It has lots of space for my notes, memo’s to self, events/plans AND a to do list. I love the cover: Dream. Begin. Complete. Repeat.

I also found this goal planner! Again… PINK! When you open it the first page says, “Don’t leave your dreams here.” The planner is filled with pages that have space for the date, goals, why it’s important to me, what I need to do to achieve the goal and deadline. It’s just another form of accountability. Which we all need. This little gem was only $4.99 so I grabbed one for my bestii Shar as well. 

What tools do you use to stay organized? What are your plans for the rest of the year?

May he give you the desire of your heart
and make all your plans succeed. -Psalm 20:4


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Happy August, Loves. I am sorry I have been ghost. I ended up super sick with a kidney infection that took me out the game in the middle of the month RIGHT AROUND MY BIRTHDAY. Sigh. But I am back. 

August. The Eighth month. Eight = New Beginnings. 

I began August 1st with a bang. I quit my job. I am stepping out on faith (and a savings account) and moving to Owings Mills, MD (Right outside Bawdamoor, MD). I can honestly say I wasn’t a fan of my job. The stress was effecting too many areas of my life. It was time. I had been secretly planning this for a few months now. When I gave up my apartment I had to give up my kitty, 5ive. Yes, his name is 5ive. I don’t have five cats because…that is just weird. My boyfriend, to my surprise, volunteered to take him in so I didn’t have to give him up. I took him down last weekend. Eight hours in a car with a pissed off kitty was ROUGH but he is adjusting to his new home. Eight hours in the car TO and FROM Maryland gives you A LOT of time to think. I decided it’s time. I decided to let go of this job and try again in a new city. 

I walked into my job on August 1st and gave them six weeks notice. My job is essential to the company and the good girl inside of me couldn’t leave them hanging. I offered up six weeks and a possible few weeks after to get a new person hired and get the ball rolling on training. I have been applying for jobs there but as of RIGHT NOW, I don’t have a job so why not work a little more and save some money? I felt a weight off my shoulders the minute I walked out my big bosses office and back into mine. While I am still working another month and some change I know I have an end date eventually HAHA. 

While scrolling social media I saw a post about EIGHT = New beginnings. It’s time to cut the shit and be happy. As scared as I am to leave my parents and brother I am ready for a new adventure. The count down is on…

I am working on a tour of Baltimore post that includes Thrifting and Baltimore sights. Stay tuned! 

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him” Psalm 40:3